Critcal Care & Emergency

Bengal Faith Hospital has a comprehensive state of the art 24× 7 Emergency and Critical care Department. Emergency Department has 3 bedded triage with 1 bedded Resusciation room.Resuscition Bay has a ventilator,defibrillator, Cardiac monitoring Facility. It is equipped with life saving drugs with a dedicated pharmacy.Emergency ICU has 11 beds.All equipped with monitors .Emergency ICU has advanced cardiac monitoring facilities with dedicated best in class infrastructure  Emergency Department is fully operational with a trauma Unit.It would soon be upgraded to a Trauma Center.Following treatment facilities are available :

1 Medical Emergencies 

2 Surgical Emergencies

3 Trauma

4 Stroke Unit

5 Cardiac Unit

6 Paediatric Emergencies

7 Gynaec Emergencies 

8 24×7 Point of Care Ultrasound  and Echocardiography for accurate diagnosis and Resuscitation 

Emergency Department incharge is Dr Rudraneel Kumar. Dr Kumar is a Royal College of Emergency Medicine certified Emergency Medicine Consultant. Having trained in United Kingdom in Emergency Medicine and Trauma the Department follows the best practices guidelines. Dr Sudeshna Barua Board Certified   Emergency Physician and currently the Medical Superintendent is the Head of the Department.

Emergency Medicine Department is also unique as it has 24×7 Consultant coverage along with Trained Emergency Medical Officers and specially trained Nurses and Technicians. Our department is a proud partner of West Bengal Police.The Department is involved in training Police personnel in Basic Life support and Trauma care

Our Doctors

Dr. Sudeshna Barua


Dr. Rudraneel Kumar


Dr Suman Sarkar


Dr Sudipto Maitra


Dr. Md.Imran


Dr Salim Asif


Dr. Harshimran Singh


Alongside Resusciation the Department is backed by 24×7 Lab facility and 24×7 Radiology services.In summary the Department is one of the most well equipped and dependable service provider in Emergency treatment and stabilisation

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