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Chairman’s Message

Prof. S.S. Chakraborty


Over the years, our performance will demonstrate our ability to respond to our ever-changing dynamic environment and the region’s requirements. This would include, inter-alia digital healthcare solutions. We are striving hard to improve the quality of life, engaging the community and other stakeholders to jointly define the problems and solutions and prioritize actions. We will work together with no barriers among different professions, integrating medical and non-medical functions, and constantly improving safety and satisfaction. We will act honestly, in the right and fiscal responsible ways, do what is right even when it is difficult, and accept responsibility for our actions.

About Bengal Faith

Bardhaman Swasthya Nagari has been a dream project of Bardhaman. Bengal Faith Healthcare promises to make that dream a reality.Bengal FAITH Hospital is the only tertiary care super specialty corporate healthcare facility in Burdwan. Part of the Burdwan Health City project Bengal FAITH Hospital offers advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities in all major Specialties.Bengal Faith Hospital is the 1st Hospital of Bardhaman Health City and it is the largest tertiary care super-speciality corporate healthcare facility in Bardhaman. Bengal Faith Hospital offers advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities in all major clinical specialties. Bengal Faith Hospital has been a pioneer in offering advanced medical and surgical care. The Emergency and Critical Care facility at Bengal Faith Hospital has saved lives of hundreds of critical patients

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